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KT's Outline. 


KT's motivation for creating images.


KT has no decent art and painting knowledge, so there should be no photographic philosophy and thought;. By the way, his father was drawing a movie sign while running a camera shop, but before he was influenced by his father's work, he liked scribbling. But he became crazy about the movie, lost interest in scribbling. And started photography with he father's camera technic-guidance.

KT's background.


KT's life began on 1956 in Kobe, Japan. He grew up watching foreign films in movie theaters, soaking up the music and imageries. Later, he settled in Osaka where through the influence of a jazz pianist in the neighborhood, he became fascinated with BB King and began immersing himself in playing the guitar. In 1971, immediately after entering high school, KT became a session guitarist. But after watching a blues band featuring African-native artist, the 19 year old KT was devastated when realizing he was different than them, and soon his passion towards blues music slowly went away. Currently, KT will start as a solo musician for the Amsterdam-based music label Tribe of Noise.


KT sets out to become a designer.


When he was 20, KT moved from Osaka to Tokyo, and though he was affiliated to a music company, favored being lazy and fooled around instead of working.  At this time, KT suddenly remembered the words spoken to him by his teacher in  junior high school, that "You are an artist". In addition, it was also at this time that KT was captivated by Andy Warhol’s banana painting on an album cover. Wanting to designing music, KT set about contacting various design firms. But without a background in design, no firm took notice and KT found himself not being accepted anywhere. By 1980, though he was frustrated and beat, after finding a wanted Job ads for a major whisky company in the classified section of a newspaper, KT sent resume and manages to secure an interview. It was here that KT was hired to the sales promotion department due to his experiences working as a musician. KT then becomes the art director at the famous rock club in Tokyo, the TSUBAKI BALL and TSUBAKI HOUSE. And through his later work as an art producer for exhibitions, begins standing out in the Tokyo art scene. Afterwards, KT was accepted into the Hamano Institute, a famous design firm in Japan (The vice president of this frim being the younger brother to the architect Tadao Ando).


KT transitions to becoming a CG designer.


In 1984, after watching the film War Games, KT becomes obsessed with computer and addicted to computer games.  In addition, while devoting his time creating music on computers, KT begins working on computer graphics. By 1991, through use of the full-color Macintosh computer, KT envisions a virtual shopping mall utilizing 3D CG. Later realized this vision in collaboration with MITSUI & CO.,LTD . In 1995, KT was awarded first prize in Multimedia Design as a design director by the Nikkei newspaper. From 1997, he presided as a lecturer at Digital Hollywood, a prestigious school of computer graphics for 2 years.


KT begins his writing career.


In 1999, after being commissioned by the BNN company, a publisher to magazines such as MacLife, KT publishes a technical book about 3D CG (40,000 copies issued). Seizing this opportunity, KT began designing book covers utilizing CG at the Mainichi Newspaper’s Publication Department. By 2001, after studying writing screenplays under the film director Kaneto Shindo, KT begins writing novels. Which in 2003, after entering his work to Seiunsha Publishing’s Foucault Short Fiction competition, was awarded first prize. Though currently he has limited himself to publishing only short stories due to not coming to terms with publishing deals. KT has continued to write novels and essays via blog format, where he has attracted a small number of fans.


KT tackling on digital photography.


In 2010, KT began posting pictures over SNS on his Panoramio page. Through his photographer friends from all over the world, KT’s senses have been constantly excited and inspired. But KT's interest in photography is not to shoot the location of the map, but to create artistic images. KT, through the guidance of his artist friends, is active in taking artistic photographs.


What is beauty?


Beauty means "calm" can be obtained from a delicate balance of natural "danger" and artificial "safety". With this in mind, I'm thinking about working on visuals.


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